Birth Doula Hands On Mentorship Program

Additional Information

Mothering the Mother, Inc (Michelle Hardy) is providing a one year birth doula mentorship to 3-4 doulas.  Mentorship doulas will receive free ICEA training, and will be paid for the work that they do.  The mentee must have availability to attend prenatal appointments, births, and postpartum visits.  She must also have the ability to work well in a partnership, and have good communication skills.

What is expected of the mentee doula:

Attend an ICEA birth doula workshop (provided by Mothering the Mother) - the workshop may be split up over several sessions so that attendees will learn skills and then be able to apply them to the work they are doing

Attend monthly meetings/educational opportunities

Be available to attend births day and night with the flexibility to stay throughout the duration of the labor and birth

Attend and share responsibilities at prenatal visits with Michelle

Attend and share responsibilities at births with Michelle

Attend and share responsibilities at postpartum visits with Michelle

Be able to work in the mentorship program for one full year after training (this arrangement may turn into a permanent situation for the right candidate).  

All mentees will be independent contractors and therefore will be issued a 1099-MISC, and will be responsible for their own tax responsibilities. 

When and how do I apply?

Applications for this program will be accepted November through December of each year.  For candidates who meet the requirements they will be asked to attend an in person interview in January, and decisions of acceptance will be made in February of each year.  The mentorship program will run from March 1st to the last day in February of the following year. 

Why are we doing this?

Our goal in creating this program is to help local doulas be more prepared to start doing this very important work.  

Our belief is to help create a community filled with skilled birth doulas who can take what they learned and help the families in our community.  With more doulas comes more education, more opportunities, and more support

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