Additional Information

Mothering the Mother, Inc (Michelle Hardy) is providing a one year birth doula mentorship to 3-4 doulas.  Mentorship doulas will learn the skills necessary to get their business up and running.  They will have access to ask questions, receive one on one help, and learn from Michelle’s experience of being a doula since 2003.  

What is expected of me as the mentee doula?

  • Mentee’s must be local and be attending births in Milwaukee County to be eligible. (We will accept a limited number of mentees that are not local to join in virtually).
  • Mentees must have a commitment to working with women from all income levels and walks of life.  
  • Attend monthly meetings/educational opportunities - this format will be used to learn from one another, share ideas, have questions answered, and are mandatory to attend in order to stay in the program.
  • Be able to work in the mentorship program for one full year.  This is a commitment to yourself, your business, the community, the program, and me.  (I will not invest more in you than you will invest into your commitment to this work, the program, and your fellow cohorts.)

When and how do I apply?

Applications for this program will be accepted October through November for a January start date and July through August for a September start date.  For candidates who meet the requirements they will be asked to attend an in person interview to determine if they will be a good fit for the program and the cohort.  The mentorship program will run for one full year, and applicants must be willing and able to attend every session in order to be considered. Missed meetings will not be tolerated, and certificates will not be provided for those that have not attended every meeting.

What will I learn at the meetings?

  • Goals for the Program / Interviews / Prenatal Visits 
  • Stages of Labor 
  • Medications and Medical Interventions
  • Postpartum Visit / Values, Bias, Culture / What can I do for you? 
  • Labor Support Techniques class 
  • Safety and Self Care workshop 
  • Childbirth education class observation discussion / perinatal mood disorders 
  • Budgets / Business Planning 
  • Website design / Social media, / Advertising 
  • Q&A Help Session / Final Meeting

*Session listings may change without notice as the program is updated and evolves.  

Why are we doing this?

Our goal in creating this program is to help local doulas be more prepared to start doing this very important work.  

Our belief is to help create a community filled with skilled birth doulas who can take what they learned and help the families in our community.  With more doulas comes more education, more opportunities, and more support

Value of Annual Mentorship Program:

  • Free workshops and trainings $650
  • One on one meetings available to you monthly $1800 (2 hr meeting each month)
  • On call availability via phone and text to ask questions and get immediate assistance $1200

Total Value: $3650 (if you were to pay for each service provided).